PocketRx is available from Praeses Business Technologies, a leader in mobile applications for the pharmacy industry. With PocketRx, pharmacies are able to offer their customers the ability to refill prescriptions directly from their smartphone.

project overview

PocketRx started as a project for Causey's Pharmacy located in Natchitoches, Louisiana and is now an iPhone and Android smartphone product branded and developed individually for over 150 independent pharmacies with over ​350 locations nationwide.

business need

From the beginning, Causey's wanted an application branded individually with their pharmacy name so it would be fully searchable on the iTunes stores. They also wanted seamless integration with their current pharmacy management system.

the challenge

Praeses Business Technologies needed to initially create an app for Causey's for the newly launched Apple app store. This intial app needed to be branded for Causey's and allow for direct integraiton to their work queue. This created an integration challenge which Praeses Business Technologies resolved for Causey's as well as setup integration with other management systems. Since that initial product for Causey's, we have developed a full standalone mobile product which can be branded individually for pharmacies and includes patient profiles, direct refill to pharmacy management system queues while maintaining fax and email services, and barcode scanning of prescription bottles.

the solution

Praeses Business Technologies created a mobile application initially for the iPhone and later added an Android version. Since the initial creation of the product in 2012, PocketRx has added new features including push notification, new patient questionnaire, reward programs, refill transfers, multiple location listings, and integration with most pharmacy management systems, including Speed Script, Cerner-Etreby, VoiceTech, QS1, Carepoint, and PioneerRx. Most recently Praeses created and launched the PocketRx portal, located at www.pocket-rx.com, where new customers can sign up online, and manage their app including editing locations and hours.

client review

“The move to a mobile application which gives our customers greater access to our services and their prescriptions has proven to be a great success. We have had a significant amount of downloads from the Causey iTunes Store and the number of prescription refills from the iPhone has continued to grow.”

Steven Boyd
​Causey’s Pharmacy